RIB Registration

All RIBS must be registered in the Race Office at the earliest opportunity.  You can download a copy of the RIB Registration Form and email to mark@riyc.ie.

RIBS must display the flag given at registration at all times. A Deposit of €20 is required for each flag and will be refunded when the flag is returned to the Race Office at the end of the event.

RIBS must keep clear of the race areas for the duration of racing.  Any infringement of this may lead to the associated sailor being disqualified.

All RIBS must be prepared to act as safety boats under the direction of the Regatta Safety Officer if the need arises.

There will be a RIB drivers/Crew briefing each morning.  We would request that all RIB Drivers/crew/Support boats attend.  Briefing times will be posted on the Notice Board.

We request all RIBS carry a VHF radio and keep a listening watch on the relevant channel.

These are as follows:

Main Fleet Channel  71,  Regatta Fleet Channel 68  will be used for Race Management.

You are requested not to use Channel 68 & 71 in the race area for inter-boat/personal communication but to use personal mobile phones if necessary.

Launching RIBS

RIBS may be launched and recovered from the public slipway in the Coal Harbour.

After launching road trailers must be brought to the Coal Harbour Quay for the duration of the event and stored in the marked area.


RIBS can be moored (at boat owners own risk) in the designated areas within the harbour area.


It is the responsibility of each RIB driver to ensure they have adequate fuel for the event. Fuel is available at Dun Laoghaire Marina.